Why would you choose Doggy Daycare instead of a dog walker?

Dog walking is a great solution if you need to break up your dogs day or he or she is not left for o
long periods of time and just needs a toilet break. Dog walkers are also great if you’re dog isn’t very sociable with others as some dog walking services offer 1-2-1 walks.

So why would you choose doggy daycare over a dog walker?

Doggy daycare is not for every dog, but if you’re dog is super social really high energy, suffers from separation anxiety or is destructive when left alone dogs can really thrive in a daycare environment. They spend the entire day here, so if you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety it can be a good alternative to a walker. It also helps them build confidence away from the home and we find that it tends to lessen their separation anxiety being in a different environment.

We work on tiring them physically, but also mentally. So for those of you that have really high energy dogs one walk a day just won’t cut it. Even walking them more regularly will actually increase the energy. Like training for a marathon, the more you run the fitter you get. The same applies for dogs, the more they have the more they need. So we focus on find it games, puzzles, basic training and structured rest and play. This ensures that your pup will come home tired which may mean positive behaviour at home!

If your dog has no recall or an unreliable one it might restrict them to just being on lead walks, our daycare is fully enclosed which means they can run off lead all day! We want your dogs interactions to be positive ones and with the rise of dog attacks happening daily in local parks we built ours to ensure our dogs can socialise with each other safely.

All our dogs go through a strict assessment criteria so we know they interact well with each other which unfortunately is not able to happen on dog walks resulting in possibly a negative experience for your dog. All our daycare dogs are fully supervised and all interactions monitored carefully.

Not all dogs your dog meets on a dog walk will be friendly ones and despite calls of ‘it’s okay they’re friendly’! They may well be but it’s important to note that sometimes a dog will just be ‘too much’ or they haven’t been taught how to greet a dog properly which can be a recipe for disaster!

Whichever service you choose to use, do your research, ask questions and check they are insured!