May The 4th Be With You!

Following guidelines from both the kennel club and pif. We will be re opening from Monday 4th May*** with restrictions any clients within walking distance we can provide a contactless drop off system and we will also be offering a free pick up and drop off service.

We will be ensuring the daycare is cleaned vigorously between drop offs. We will ask only 1 customer in the shop at any one time and restrict visits to dropping off and collecting.

IMPORTANT– COVID laws state that it is NOT permitted to journey to the daycare in a car as this is not an essential trip BUT dogs can be dropped off as part of your daily exercise.

We will take all health and safety precautions possible adhering to social distancing.

We will use our own leads from handover to collection.

Drop Offs:

  • Message in the WhatsApp group when you will drop off.
  • Leave your dog in reception and take their lead with you.
  • Shut the front door We will then spray and wipe the dog down with Leucillin spray.
  • All handles will be disinfected.

Pick Ups:

  • If there is a safe place to leave the dog.
  • We will provide our own leads
  • We will spray and wipe the dog down
  • Disinfect in between the houses

Limited places available, so please fill in your information below and we will get back to you.

May 4th Booking